Feeler: Gear for sale, possibly trade...

Fairly self explanatory dontcha think?
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Feeler: Gear for sale, possibly trade...

Post by Minerman » Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:16 am

Looking to see how much interest there is, if any to fund other gear by selling these...I'm looking for a couple/few specific pieces of gear, so a trade could be possible...Lemme know what you've got, the worst I can say is no...

EVH LBX - $500 + buyer pays shipping (price is negotiable within reason):
Good little amp, monster amount of gain, very active eq, & LOUD for a 15w EL84 amp, I just prefer EL34's...I painted the cage & stripes, so I'd consider knocking off a little because of this...The paint job doesn't affect it's tone though, & there are no issues whatsoever...Comes with the footswitch...

EVH 4x12 - $700 + buyer pays shipping (price is negotiable within reason):
Great cab, awesome speakers...AFAIK these speakers are the same as Celestion's Heritage Greenback with an EVH sticker on 'em...Whatever they are, they are awesome...There is a small tear in the tolex on the top, but it's not terrible & setting an amp on it would hide it anyway...

I'm not sure how much it would cost to ship this thing, but I am sure it could be worked out so everybody has a happy ending...
EVH Cab 1.jpg
EVH Cab 2.jpg
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